YEARLI, THE COMPLETE W-2 & 1099 FILING SOLUTION vs. Combined Federal/State Filing Program
If you report 1099 information exclusively through the
Combined Federal/State Filing (CF/SF) Program...
You might not be in compliance with state regulations.
Did you know? Many states require 1099 filings with state withholding to be reported directly to the state and not through CF/SF.
Did you know? The CF/SF does not support all states requiring reconciliation forms. You must complete these forms on your own.
You are only getting a partial solution.
Did you know? The CF/SF does not support W-2 filing.
Did you know? Yearli can file W-2 and 1099 forms; consolidating saves you time, money and effort.
You will not receive regular status updates, potentially delaying completed filing by months.
Did you know? Reporting is held by the IRS for months, without status updates, before delivery to state agencies.
File with Yearli; the only complete W-2 & 1099 reporting platform.
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So what are you really getting when you file through the Combined Federal State Filing Program?
Greatland Yearli
Yearli is a complete federal, state and recipient W-2 & 1099 reporting platform designed to help you generate, file, print and mail all related forms.