Complete Reporting Solutions

Complete Reporting Solutions
Federal, State, & Recipient

When it comes to your W-2 & 1099 filing obligations, Greatland understands that each business is unique. Therefore, we not only help you identify your filing requirements, we have products and solutions designed to fulfill Federal (IRS/SSA), State, and Recipient requirements.

Seek Guidance if Necessary

Does W-2 & 1099 reporting leave you feeling confused? Look no further for answers!

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Paper Forms

Paper Forms

  • Every form type, available in paper format
  • Compatible with most accounting, payroll, or W-2 & 1099 software programs
  • Choose from perforated paper, preprinted forms, or convenient kits that also include corresponding mailing envelopes Online Filing Online Filing

  • Finish Federal, State, and Recipient requirements all at once
  • Filing process takes a matter of minutes
  • Import data directly from accounting software
  • E-filing and print & mail service saves you time stuffing envelopes and money on postage costs
Winfiler Desktop Software

Winfiler Desktop Software

  • Extensive library of form types supported
  • Compatible with a wide variety of accounting software programs
  • Print to forms or E-file right from the software; whichever method you prefer