Data Entry & Import into allows businesses like yours to easily enter form data into our site, by choosing from several methods. Two easy options for data entry include our Data Import Tool or utilizing the manual data entry method.

Data Import Tool

Our Data Import Tool allows you to bring your W-2 & 1099 data from QuickBooks® or an Excel/.csv file from other software applications right into the online site helping to improve accuracy and save time.

Once the data is imported, the drag-and drop interface helps you make sure your data was used correctly. also validates the data and provides users with valuable feedback to ensure accuracy. Even better, users can save their imported work, so next time it’s even faster!

Manual Entry also offers the option to manually key-in employee or payee data. Users insert their data into fields shown on an actual form image within the application. Since it doesn't matter what software program you use, this is most commonly selected by businesses with only a few filings, but can certainly be convenient for users who are filing many forms too.

Note: Click on image to view example.