ACA Filing Process

ACA 1095 Form Recommended Filing Process

Step 1: Install

Timeline: Complete Installation by December 31

Install software on your machine, and/or network and appropriate workstations.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Yearli Desktop Program and ACA Compliance

Timeline: Complete by December 31

Step 3 - Option 1: Import Your Data

Timeline: Prepare and test your import file by December 31; final import by January 8

Export data from source software (Payroll, HR/Benefits, etc.)

  • Review the 1095-C Import Video.
  • Download Import Template from Yearli Desktop:
    • Click Import Data on Dashboard screen.
    • Select Import via Excel (or CSV) in left column.
    • Select the 1095/1094 link to save the Import Template/Instructions to your preferred directory.
    • Read the import instructions.
    • Add/merge your data to the Import Template and click Save and close Excel. Greatland's import template does not require a full data set, however the more data you include in the import template the easier your filing process will be.
  • Import your data:
    • Open Yearli Desktop, click Import Data, and then click Import via Excel (or CSV).
    • Choose the radio button next to the Import 1095/1094 form type and click OK.
    • Browse for your file and select the file you would like to import.
    • If errors are found with your data, you will be taken to an Import Audit page.
    • Review and print the Import Audit page.
    • Fix Critical Errors in file and re-import.
    • Fix Missing Data errors in the software by keying in missing data.
  • Enter any additional data into the software that is needed to complete your filing.

Step 3 - Option 2: Enter Data Manually

Timeline: Enter all data by January 8

  • Review Greatland's Data Entry video.
  • Gather all data needed to complete your forms.
  • Enter all common data first. For example, if the majority of your employees are full time all year with the same health plan, enter those employees first.
  • Enter the "exceptions" next.
  • Use Greatland's 1095-C Part II (Lines 14 - 16) Decision Tree

Step 4: Validate Data Prior to Filing

Timeline: Complete data validation by January 8.

Reconcile the data that is in Yearli Desktop to compare it to your source data. Click on the Returns Journal link on the Dashboard.

  • Select your company in the payer list.
  • Select the form type you want to summarize.
  • Click Preview or Print.
  • Compare data and make appropriate changes if necessary.

Step 5 - Option 1: Submit Your Recipient Forms Using Greatland's Print & Mail Service

Timeline: Greatland strongly encourages you to complete your recipient filing by January 15.

  • Select E-File Center from Dashboard.
  • Choose Form Type to submit (1095-B or 1095-C).
  • Select the Service Print and Mail in the A la Carte section.
  • Select the payer and hit next.
  • Review the summary screen and enter your Electronic Filing Code, agree to the legal language by checking the checkbox, and click Submit.
  • If errors exist, you will need to fix issues before you can submit your forms. Be sure to print the list of your errors by clicking on Print on error page.

Step 5 - Option 2: Print Recipient Forms in Your Office

Timeline: Your recipient forms must be postmarked by March 31.

  • Select Print from Dashboard.
  • Choose your form type and click OK.
  • Select the format that you would like to print (portrait versions are recommended as they will fit in a double window envelope).
  • Load printer with appropriate paper stock.
  • Preview the form by clicking on Preview.
  • By default all recipients are selected to print. We recommend you do a test print by only selecting one form to be sent to printer. You can do this by clicking on the middle tab called Select Recipients.
  • Complete your printing by printing all recipients.

Step 6 - Option 1: E-file to IRS

Timeline: File by 8:00 PM EST on June 30.

  • Complete Form 1094-C, if applicable:
    • Create and manually fill in a 1094-C on the Payer List by clicking on Add Form.
    • Or Import 1094-C via Import Data.
  • Select E-file Center from Dashboard.
  • Choose form type to file.
  • Choose Federal E-file service.
  • Choose payer(s) to file.
  • Continue through E-file wizard to complete filing.

Step 6 - Option 2: Print and Mail to IRS

Timeline: Postmarked by May 31.

  • Select Print from Dashboard.
  • Select 1095 form type and click OK.
  • Choose the Federal Copy (and/or Federal Continuation Page).
  • Select Preview or Print.
  • Print Transmittal forms:
    • 1094-B - Print from Print menu (must preview 1095-B Federal Copy first to generate form).
    • 1094-C - Print from Payer List.
  • Mail to IRS.