W-2 1099 Manager
W-2 & 1099 Manager from Greatland
Accounting Today Top New Products 2012
Proud winner of Accounting Today's
2012 Top New Product Award
in the Tax Reporting category
Greatland has gone mobile…
Our new app for iPhone:

W-2 & 1099 Manager

File and manage year-end employee or contractor filing right from your iPhone.
W-2 & 1099 Manager allows you to create, file, and distribute new 1099-MISC forms with the official app connecting you to Greatland's speedEfiler.com.
Login with your current speedEfiler.com account or create a brand new account.
In-app time saving Features include:
IMPORT - recipients or payees from contacts on your iPhone file new 1099-MISC forms.
ENTER - New payers and recipients right on your phone.
SUBMIT - Forms to be filed with the government and mailed directly to the recipients.
TRACK - the status of all W-2 & 1099 forms filed through the app or from Greatland's speedEfiler.com.
READ - The official 1099-MISC Form Instructions.
LEARN - FAQ's to answer all your filing questions.
This app is FREE to download. Filings are only $4.99 per form in-app purchase, which provides 1099-MISC forms E-filed to the IRS and mailed to your recipients for you. All compliant with government regulations and guaranteed to meet filing deadlines!
Plus many more W-2 & 1099 resources and features for future updates! Available at the App Store