Winfiler Setting Defaults & Options

Set Printing/Data Entry Settings

  1. Select Settings > Options > Printing/Data Entry
    You can choose to:
    • Open Payee list after payer is selected
    • Open Payer list on program start
    • Retain last Payer selected
    • Maximize main menu
    • Auto place decimal point
    • Use the key or key to navigate between fields

  2. Select Settings > Options > W-2 Preferences
    • On the All Payers tab, you can select to:
      • Set State 1 or State 2 Wages equal to Gross Wages
      • Set Local 1 or Local 2 Wages equal to Gross Wages
      • Warn if Payee TIN is left blank during entry
    • Use the Defaults tab to set preferences such as:
      • Automatic calculations after each dollar amount entry
      • Net Pay calculations
      • Gross Wage calculations
      • Social Security and Medicare calculations and warning messages