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2CW2053 - 2-Wide Continuous W-2 Form 6-Part Set (Carbonless)


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Form W-2 Wage & Tax Statement. Use this W-2 form to report wage and withholding information. Use your typewriter or pin fed printer to complete the form. 2-wide construction allows clear copies of the 6-part form. Employer copies are on the left and smaller, Federal and employee copies are on the right. Purchase compatible envelope separately. Order by the form, not the sheet   

This set includes: 

  • Left Side: 
    • Employer Copy D/1 (state city local or records)
    • Employer Copy D/1 (state city local or records)
  • Right Side: 
    • Employer Copy A (red scannable)
    • Employee Copy B (federal)
    • Employee Copy C (file) 
    • Employee Copy 2 (state city local) 

Compatible Envelope: 2DWENV05 (Moisture Seal) 

Construction: Carbonless - 2 wide
Form: W-2
Form Name: Wage and Tax Statement
Pages: 1
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Copies:(Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Left: D/1, D/1 | Right: A, B, C, 2
Forms /Sheet: 2up
Ink Color: Red & Black