2up 1099-MISC Non-Dated E-file Form - Self-Mailer

Miscellaneous Income Use this continuous form for printing your 1099 MISC when you've E-Filed. Form is not dated, year must be filled in. Not compatible with most 1099 Software. Print form data for all copies at once. Tear off the employer/payer copies, and the employee copies are printed, pre-inserted into envelopes and are ready to mail.
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Construction: Continuous - Carbon
Form: 1099-MISC
Form Name: Miscellaneous Income
Pages: 1
Size: 9" x 11"
Parts: 3pt
Copies: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): C - Payer Carbon Tissue Sheet Carbon Envelope B - Recipient 2 - Recipient State
Forms /Sheet: 2up
Ink Color: Black
Horizontal Perforation: 5 1/2"
Vertical Perforation: 1/2" side perfs
Other: Non-Dated, Self Mailer, Electronic Reporting