Condensed 4up Preprinted W-2 Convenience Kit 6-Part - Quadrants - Up to 25 Filings

This kit is ideal when filing wages for 25 or fewer employees. It includes everything you need to report wages for your employees. The 4up employee preprinted sheets are condensed - providing four copies on the same sheet for one employee.
See your software for compatibility with 4 up quadrant condensed. 
Print all copies in a batch, employee copies are ready to fold and insert in envelopes.

This kit includes:
  •  25 Federal Copy A Forms
  •  25 Employer Copy D Forms
  •  25 Employer State, City, Local Copy 1 Forms
  •  25 4up Employee Copies B/D/C/2 (BW24UP05)
  •  1 W-3 Form
  •  25 4up Double Window Envelopes
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