Check Security

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Did you know:

  • $5 billion a year, in the United States, alone is the toll of business check fraud.
  • Checks are still the most widely used form of payments for business-to-business payments.
  • Business losses from check fraud are expected to grow 2.5% annually in the coming years.
  • 73% of businesses reported that they have been a victim of attempted check fraud.
  • 40% of companies that have had attempted check fraud have suffered a loss.

Source: Association of Financial Professionals (AFP)

Greatland wants to make sure we help reduce the risk of your business becoming a statistic. Our check line is built to provide your business the ultimate protection against fraud. As you send checks on their way, have confidence that you are protected.

Greatland has helped thousands of businesses around the country find the best security fit. Our representatives can walk you through the process to get the check you need. Watching out for your security, that's the Greatland difference.


Warning Box Void Pantograph Microprinting

Warning Box
Area on the check backer that lists the security features included for quick verification.

VOID Pantograph
Displays when checks are photocopied or scanned on most machines.
Text is printed at 1/100 inch so it appears as a line, but can be verified with a magnifying glass. If scanned or photocopied, the line will look solid.
Artificial Watermark Chemical Protection Fluorescent Fibers
Artificial Watermark
A watermark image is printed on the paper and is visible when viewed at an angle.
Chemical Protection
Chemicals in the paper react when bleach or other solvents are used to change the check.
Fluorescent Fibers
Fibers embedded in the sheet are visible only under ultraviolet light.
True Watermark Prismatic Pantograph Thermochromatic Ink
True Watermark
A true watermark is placed in the paper fibers at the time the paper is manufactured. View by holding up to a light source.
Prismatic Pantograph
Checks are printed with graduated colors which are the most difficult types of checks to photocopy or scan.
ThermoChromatic Ink
Heat sensitive ink block on back will fade and reappear when held between thumb and finger or breathed on.

Padlock Icon: Alerts to security features listed on the back.

Original Document Backer: Light grey printing on the back disappears when photocopied.

TONER ADHESION: Causes toner to bond permanently to paper.

Erasure Protection: A white mark appears when alteration is attempted.


Check Security